Motor Source Group

Motor Source Group

Save thousands off your new car with Motor Source Group Emergency Services discounts!

Motor Source Group specialise in new car discounts on a full range of makes and models for past and present Emergency Services, Fire & Rescue, NHS Staff, Military personnel, Veterans and Teachers throughout the UK.

With Motor Source Group you have access to a full range of makes and models of new cars, so whether you’re looking for a new Audi, BMW, Toyota, Lexus, SEAT, Kia, Volkswagen, or anything in between you’ll be able to find this with Motor Source Group, with customers saving £4,500 on average!

Alongside parent company Forces Cars Direct, the Group have saved over £166 million in savings for their customers, offering a service that not only saves you money but gives you confidence in a genuine, highly rated service too. You can see this with the independent reviews on TrustPilot.

With Motor Source Group you can also:

You can browse a full range of cars on the website, including new cars, leasing and used cars too.

Visit or call 01522 500 055 for more details.

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