The Police Federation as a staff association is fully committed to promoting equality and diversity for all. Equality and Diversity is about treating everyone both inside and outside the service, with dignity and respect.

The Police Federation trains representatives to help police officers who may have a complaint about the lack of equality and diversity in their treatment at work, who may have a complaint made against them, who may be a witness to acts that form a complaint or who may be otherwise involved.

We will:-

  • Be objective and independent;
  • Maintain confidentiality;
  • Help officer to clarify matters and identify relevant information;
  • Explore the options available to resolve their complaint;
  • Seek to manage the officer’s expectations;
  • Assist officers to achieve a resolution through the Force Grievance procedures;
  • Advise on how and when to use the Force Grievance procedure, and;
  • In appropriate circumstances, we will arrange for a solicitor to give advice on the possibility of taking a case to an Employment Tribunal.

The following members of Cambridgeshire Police Federation are trained to give Equality Advice:

  • Rachel Ball (Equality Lead)
  • Matt Smith
  • Liz Groom
  • Jon Capes
  • Tudor Treharne
  • Mick Smith
  • Vince Smith
  • Colin Avis
  • Chris Cawdery
  • Stuart Taylor
  • Jamie Plant
  • Scott Houghton
  • Matt Ward

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