Bravery Awards nominee wished luck by Fed chair


PUBLISHED 08 Jul 2024

IN News

Federation chair Liz Groom has paid tribute to Cambridgeshire’s nominee for the 2024 national Police Bravery Awards ahead of the ceremony this month.

Sergeant Jamie Cooper received the nod after his heroics last April when he saved the life of a man threatening to jump from the 20ft-high Millennium Bridge in Peterborough.

Single-crewed when he received a call from a member of the public expressing concern for his friend, Jamie risked harm to himself to disarm a samurai sword from the man, who had a ligature wrapped around his neck, before restraining him from jumping off the bridge.

Liz said: “Jamie showed incredible courage in extremely difficult circumstances that day. If not for his actions, the man’s life was at serious risk of being lost, as well as the safety of the surrounding public.

“I wish him luck for the Bravery Awards and I hope he can pick up the win, although he has already done the whole of Cambridgeshire proud.”

Federation representative and detective lead Stu Taylor will attend the Bravery Awards in support of Jamie, set to be held on Thursday (11 July) in London. He also had a message of praise for the nominee: “Arriving at the bridge to see someone armed and threatening suicide must have been incredibly testing for Jamie, so his decisive yet caring approach to the situation deserves a lot of credit.

“I am looking forward to representing the Fed as his bravery is formally recognised.”

Jamie himself will make the trip down to the capital for the ceremony alongside his partner, Kerri.

Also present on the night will be Chief Constable Nick Dean and Police and Crime Commissioner, Darryl Preston, on behalf of Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

You can read more about Jamie’s nomination here.