Equality & Diversity

Supporting colleagues with workplace issues & resolving problems

Federation representation across the police service in England and Wales is the core of what we do. We have local Equality trained Federation Reps, both Full time and Part time and an Equality Lead officer and deputy.  They support their colleagues with workplace issues and help solve problems. This activity not only supports our members but assists in creating an effective force that can best serve the community.

Many of the issues that workplace reps deal with touch on equality; bullying and grievances, reasonable adjustments for disabled officers, support to pregnant officers and those on maternity leave, flexible working plans for officers juggling childcare and asserting rights when faced with unlawful discrimination. Local Federation representatives solve issues like this every day.

All our representatives are trained in police regulations and understand how to navigate local force policies to support our members.

Many representatives have also completed our intensive Equality Course, which gives them a thorough understanding of the Equality Act and how to assert members’ rights with the force, and to an employment tribunal if necessary.

Equality trained representatives negotiate with our force on related policies.

If you are a member of PFEW and need support, then we are here for you. Please contact us in the knowledge that we are supported by a well-trained cohort of colleagues to ensure you get the best assistance possible.

Our representatives

We have implemented extensive positive action under the Equality Act to increase representation of women and BME Federation members in our organisation. We have a diverse cohort of representatives and are proud of what we have achieved so far but are working to continue to improve.

There are established four equality groups within the National PFEW (LGBT+, Race Religion & Belief, Disability and Women), these are internal networks for our representatives, similar to diversity staff networks that exist within forces, to create networks across the 43 branches and provide support to our representatives so they develop and thrive within PFEW.