Your Federation

Supporting officers that are in need of our help

As your Federation representatives it is our jobs to supply support to officers that are in need of our help. We take on a multitude of different roles including administration, support and more. 

Some of the tasks we undertake include:

  • Promoting and administering the insurance scheme for officers, staff and retired colleagues.
  • Managing local Federation funds and expenditure.
  • Managing training for Federation Representatives.
  • Attending Force Equality meetings, personnel meetings, HR meetings, court cases, misconduct cases and employment tribunals.
  • Supporting staff who are on absence from work processes or who are deemed as not performing to standard.
  • Attending welfare meetings.
  • Speaking as much as we can with local media to promote ourselves.
  • Preparing and arranging the week at national conference for our reps. including preparing meetings, accommodation and transport.
  • Attending and contributing at national, regional and collaborative meetings – always with the membership’s best interests as our main objective.
  • Supporting, often very upset, staff that are bullied or victimised at work.
  • Meeting with senior management on a regular basis to attempt to foster good relations and to try and influence change for our members.
  • Maintaining and updating our website.

These are just some of the tasks that we carry out on a weekly basis. We endeavour to do our best for you and keep you regularly updated with the latest Federation news and information.

If you need any more help or information then please do not hesitate to contact the Federation office.