Fed rep says role allows officers to ‘take support of those around you a step further’


PUBLISHED 01 Mar 2024

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Cambridgeshire Police Federation representative Kevin Misik had thought about standing as a workplace rep many times before he eventually did so.

Now, in his fifth year in the role, Sergeant Kevin Misik discusses his Federation work and the relationship it has with his policing duties.

“I had pictured myself as a Fed rep when the opportunity to apply came up in the past, but it never quite felt like the right time,” says Kevin, who became a workplace rep in 2019. “I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew and risk my attention being taken away from my duties.”

Kevin’s desire to make the lives of others better inspired him to join Cambridgeshire Constabulary 20 years before his election. This has stuck with him ever since, guiding him all the way from his earliest days as a probationer.

“I became a police officer because I wanted to help people. It’s quite simple, really,” continued the experienced sergeant.

“The first role I spent a long time in was as a community beat officer in Bar Hill. I still look back on that period of my career so fondly because I could see up close the positive impact I was having on the lives of people on my beat.”

Following his time in the neighbourhood policing team, it was only in his current capacity as Cambridge city centre team sergeant that his mindset on representing the Federation shifted.

“I obviously knew what being a rep was about on a broader level, but it was only once I spoke to another workplace rep, Jon Capes, that I really understood what I would be getting into,” Kevin, 50,added.

“He told me that it reinforces that same idea of helping people, just as I was already doing.”

The body of invaluable work Kevin has been responsible for throughout his Federation commitments, ranging from health and safety audits to disciplinary processes, suggests he has found that guidance to be true.

He said: “Jon was definitely right – It allows you to take the support of those around you a step further. I have been able to help other officers when they have needed it most.”

These moments of satisfaction are only achieved through a high level of dedication, nevertheless, with Kevin admitting that the role has led to him being involved in some challenging environments –  in particular those related to student officers.  

“I seem to have taken on more Reg 13 cases than I care to remember at this point. Having to witness a tough time for probationers is a tough time in itself for me – but if I can assist in getting them onto the right path then we both come away with a good feeling,” he said.

“I would welcome an improvement to the amount of time it takes for investigations to conclude, though. I think that’s the main challenge for the Federation at the moment.”

Away from directed tasks within his role, Kevin is seen as someone among his colleagues who can generally help by answering questions and pointing them in the right direction. He says there are very few police officers in South Cambridgeshire who he does not know, and who do not know him.

“I have been around for a while now, so that helps,” he added.

“I would tell anyone thinking of becoming a rep to do it. You won’t regret it and it will only enhance the great work you already do.”

In addition to his position as a workplace rep, Kevin is also the Federation’s local lead for professional development. It may bear the weight of even more responsibility, but crucially for him, it enables an insight into policing issues on a national level.

Kevin ended: “As long as I am a police officer, I will always want to help people – directly or indirectly, public or colleagues. That will never change.”