Federation Funds New Force Equipment


PUBLISHED 16 Jul 2014

IN News

Together with funding matched by the constabulary, Cambridgeshire Police Federation has purchased six new defibrillators to be sited throughout the force.

Shaun Ryan, Chairman of Cambridgeshire Police Federation Branch Board, said: “These devices have such a huge potential to assist in the saving of lives should they be required.

“To know these new defibrillators are in place in addition to those already sited throughout the constabulary can only reassure officers and staff alike that should the need arise for their use, one could be within close proximity to them.”

Cambridgeshire Police Federation Health and Safety lead, Inspector Mark Rogers added: “I would ask that officers and staff members familiarise themselves with the location of these devices just in case there is need for their use.

“The units do not require any training to use and full instructions on their operation is contained with the device.”

As well as the defibrillators Cambridgeshire Police Federation and the constabulary have also jointly funded seven new state-of-the-art running machines.

Oz Merrygold, secretary of the Cambridgeshire Police Federation, said: “I am pleased that the constabulary agreed to jointly fund the purchase of the running machines with the Federation.

“Joining a gym can be quite expensive for officers, even though discounts are available for emergency workers with many gym providers. So it is great news that the force can offer such a facility for officers to train and maintain their health and fitness.

“I spend a lot of time visiting other forces and can say, without doubt, that Cambridgeshire has one of the best provisions in the region for health and fitness suites.

“Some officers are also concerned about the annual fitness tests that are now in place. The seven new running machines will give those officers the opportunity to train in their own time and help improve their fitness ready for the annual test.”

Judith Barrass said the new treadmills have been met with positive feedback from all.

She said: “These will add to the support available from the physical education department to help people pass the annual fitness test. We hope all staff will be encouraged to make the most of the facilities we provide -10 gyms in total across the force and cycles to use at HQ.

“We just ask that they are only used in the way they were designed to be, as this has resulted in broken equipment in the past.”