Get active and help police charity


PUBLISHED 14 Jan 2021

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This year’s Police Care UK Blue Light Get Active Challenge will be the largest event of its kind.

The police charity, in combination with The Firefighters Charity, The Ambulance Staff Charity and The Children’s Air Ambulance, has launched the 2021 event which will run from 18 January to 14 February. 

Cambridgeshire Police Federation chair Liz Groom explained: “We would love everyone who possibly can to sign up and back these national blue light charities since they support the wellbeing of our frontline personnel. It is also an opportunity for participants to boost their own mental and physical health by getting moving.

“The free fund-raising places are limited, however, so we would encourage people to sign up as soon as possible.”

Participants can join at any time before 13 February and they are invited to walk, run, cycle, join an online class or simply dance around their kitchen to support their chosen charity. 

Funds raised will help the charities address the unprecedented increase in demand over the last 10 months, exacerbated by the pandemic.

Mindfulness has also been added to this year’s event and ‘acts of kindness’ will gain participants bonus points.

Liz added: “The App technology has been upgraded and improved so people can see their progress and position on the leader board. Hopefully everyone will feel good at a time when we all need a boost.” 

Sign up for the challenge.