Get active to help Police Care UK charity


PUBLISHED 07 Sep 2020

IN News

Cambridgeshire Police Federation chair Liz Groom is encouraging members to take part in the Get Active Challenge and support the work of Police Care UK.

Officers and staff, and their family and friends are being asked to get moving as part of a friendly six-week inter-force competition.

The Get Active Challenge aims to help officers and staff stay healthy and look after their wellbeing, while supporting Police Care UK, the charity for police officers and staff, volunteers, and their families who have suffered harm as a result of policing, and creating good-natured rivalry.

All physical activity counts and is tracked on national leader boards with individual and collective mileage, and fund-raising targets.

Running, cycling and swimming, exercise classes, weights and even the school walk, everything counts towards your total – except being sedentary.

Liz said: “Police Care UK does a lot of fantastic work to support officers and staff when things get tough, so it’s great to be able to show our support for them by putting in the effort for the Get Active Challenge.

“It’s a really good way to get fitter, move more and have some inter-force rivalry, while also doing your bit to support a great cause, because we never know when we might need to turn to Police Care UK.”

The Get Active Challenge runs from next Monday (14 September) to 31 October.  Registration is now open via the Get Active Challenge’s website and every participant receives a medal.

The entry fee is £15. Police Care UK receives 50 per cent of the sign-up fee and any additional fund-raising participants wish to do via Just Giving.

The challenge is open to serving staff plus partners, family, friends and supporters and the inter-force competition will be shown on the leader board page on the site.