Is lack of sleep impacting your mental health? Join Monday’s ‘Better Sleep’ webinar


PUBLISHED 07 Oct 2022

IN News

The national police wellbeing service Oscar Kilo has teamed up with the sleep scientist Dr Sophie Bostock to host a ‘Better Sleep’ webinar this Monday (10 October).

To mark this year’s World Mental Health Day, the ‘Better Sleep’ webinar will specifically focus on the relationship between sleep and mental health.

The webinar is part of the ‘Better Sleep Toolkit’, a programme that was developed after the first national police wellbeing survey revealed that 45 per cent of police officers and 30 per cent of police staff reported sleeping less than six hours per night. 

As well as a number of webinars, the ‘Better Sleep Toolkit’ also includes a four-week sleep course and advice for police officers, staff and volunteers.

You can sign up to the webinar or get more information by visiting the Oscar Kilo website.