Members encouraged to stand in Federation elections


PUBLISHED 15 Jun 2021

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Members are being encouraged to stand in the upcoming Federation elections, with national vice-chair Ché Donald calling his appointment “life-changing”.

Ché was joined by John Partington, deputy national secretary, at this year’s annual conference, ahead of the election process which will be kicking off on 1 July.

The pair called on members to stand in the elections, with Ché referring to workplace reps as the ‘lifeblood’ of the Federation.

He added: “There are many officers out there who would struggle without them. I really want people to consider it. I found it life-changing.

“As officers, we care for people, that’s why we join the police but who looks after us? That’s why the Federation exists.

“We’re a big family”.

Ché said that becoming a rep made him a better supervisor and manager, adding that there are ‘more highs than lows’ to the role.

Both Ché and John discussed the significance of reps reflecting officer demographics across the police service, stressing how important it was to increase diversity within the Federation.

He advised anyone who was considering standing to speak to other reps and ask them how they find it, adding: “The best way to sell the job is to hear from the reps themselves.”

Ché ended by wishing all candidates good luck, saying: “Good luck to all those who are standing again, as well as those who may decide to throw their hat in the ring.”

Some of the rules surrounding the elections, including the requirements needed for particular positions, have been reviewed. Those thinking of putting themselves forward are advised to have a read of the changes.

Officers will be given the opportunity to meet current reps and ask any questions, at two final election cafés that are taking place later this month.

These are:

15 June from midday – 1pm

21 June – 2pm – 3pm.

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