More funding for Welfare Support Programme


PUBLISHED 24 Oct 2022

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The chair of Cambridgeshire Police Federation has urged members not to suffer in silence if they’re struggling with their mental health.

Liz Groom said the Federation can help give members access to the help and support they need.

Amid the support on offer is the Federation’s Welfare Support Programme (WSP) through which more than 500 members nationwide have received timely and ongoing mental health support since December 2020.

It’s run by Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS), an independent charity providing medical welfare to the armed forces, veterans, NHS staff and emergency services, and the Federation has confirmed it will continue to fund the WSP until at least December 2023.

The programme offers a wide range of confidential and independent services from clinical assessments to counselling with fully trained and accredited professionals.

Liz said: “Police officers are often called to difficult and traumatic incidents so it’s vital that we know how to strengthen and protect our mental health.

“And sometimes we will need some help and we’re pleased as your Federation to be able to offer a range of support through our reps.

“But sometimes we might need more specialist provisions that the Federation or the Force can’t provide – which is why our Welfare Support Programme is in place and available to all members.

“If you need support, don’t suffer in silence. We’re here and can support you and get the help you need.”

The Welfare Support Programme provides:

 The Federation has received testimonials from members who have been supported by DMWS.

“That kind of support is priceless, and I count myself as being very lucky to have been provided with such help and support from such an amazing charity,” said one member, adding: “I want it to be known what a difference it has made to me – especially when I have felt unsupported by others.”

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