Merry Christmas and happy New Year from Cambridgeshire Police Federation


PUBLISHED 19 Dec 2023

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On behalf of Cambridgeshire Police Federation, we would like to wish officers, staff and volunteers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

If you are fortunate to have some time off over the festive period, we hope you enjoy it and you’re able to make some time for yourself.

For those who are working, stay safe and we hope you are able to spend some time at least with family and friends.

We understand it can be a difficult period, particularly if you are having to leave family or friends to work your shift and we thank you and your families for your dedication to serving and protecting our communities.

We know that sacrifice is really appreciated by the overwhelming majority of people.

Thank you for your continued support, engagement and, above all, the extraordinary hard work throughout the year.

We’re proud to represent so many fantastic officers. 

Enjoy the festivities and please remember to look out for one another. Keep safe.

Branch chair Liz Groom

Branch secretary Scott Houghton