Rail Travel


PUBLISHED 08 Sep 2014

IN Other Offers

Please note – it is your responsibility to know what train lines have the concession. If you are found to be travelling on any other lines or companies, or acting not in accordance with the agreement PSD may be informed and you may be subject to criminal and/or misconduct investigation.

The concession includes off duty and in or out of uniform

For example, while there would be a duty to intervene if you witnessed an incident there may well be times when an incident occurs 3 carriages away that you would not be aware of.

By showing your warrant card you are indicating that the conductor may come to you to assist in an incident that you would otherwise be unaware of.

Thameslink / Great Northern Railway Ltd have authorised the existing arrangements for free travel for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire police officers to continue for the life of the franchise.

This will be until September 2021 but with a possible two-year extension.

You must produce your warrant card as authority to travel.

The concession is for travel between the below stations and all stations in-between.

The Govia Thameslink Ltd franchise has been extended to Sep 2021. This concession will be valid until that date.

The concession only applies to officers AFTER they have completed their 16-week training.

Special Constables can only travel free of charge when travelling to or from a prearranged Police Duty