Review into role of the College of Policing


PUBLISHED 24 Mar 2021

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Cambridgeshire Police Federation chair Liz Groom has welcomed the announcement of a ‘fundamental’ review of the College of Policing and its role in the police service.

Nick Herbert (Lord Herbert of South Downs), the new chair of the college board, wants to examine how the college works and the way in which it can best support the police service almost a decade after it was set up as the professional body for police in England and Wales.

Liz said: “While the College of Policing has done some great work supporting and streamlining parts of the police service, I’m pleased to hear the news of a review as there is still more to be done.

“I would urge all Federation members to fill in the feedback form and contribute to the review to make sure the college is fit for purpose going forward.”

The college says the review will:

Lord Herbert said: “This is a critical time in policing with the demands and pressures on the service only increasing during the pandemic. I believe the time is right to look at the work that the college does, as well as the place that it occupies in the policing landscape. It’s important that we explore how effective the college is in supporting a police service whose mission has been extended and capability stretched over the last 10 years. 

“I’m keen that we listen to people from across policing, regardless of their rank, grade or role, to find what they want from their College of Policing and help us identify the areas where we need to improve. I’m committed to ensuring that the College stands proudly in the policing landscape to support the service in its mission to protect the public and keep people safe”.

The review will consider the college’s role in all aspects of policing including how well it supports professional development, shares good practice, and sets standards and how useful frontline staff find its services.

The college’s role in promoting and supporting leadership at all levels of policing, leading improvements in equality and diversity in policing and the impact of technology on policing ways will also be considered, as will its relationship with other policing organisations and how well it is equipped to support the police service to deal with future challenges.

The college is contacting a number of policing organisations – including the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the Police Superintendents’ Association and the Police Federation – to ask for their views. A survey will also seek views from officers and staff working on the frontline while a call for evidence, which will be open until 30 April, has also been issued.

The college will use the feedback it receives to inform a series of recommendations which will be outlined in a report later this summer. 

Have your say by downloading this form and emailing your views to by 30 April 2021.

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