Statement from the Police Federation of England and Wales


PUBLISHED 09 Jun 2023

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This is a brief update to say that we have received the Employment Tribunal’s judgement of the police pension discrimination claim, brought against the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) and led by Leigh Day Solicitors. 

The tribunal found in favour of PFEW in relation to indirect age discrimination, and ruled in favour of the claimants on a number of claims of direct age discrimination and victimisation.  

The judgement makes for very difficult reading for the organisation. However, we would like to assure the membership that PFEW’s National Board and National Council take the Employment Tribunal’s comments and judgement very seriously. We will reflect on it, affording it the necessary and thorough review that it deserves. Earlier today, the National Board and National Council met to begin that process.

We will comment on, and respond to, the judgement fully in due course. 

Steve Hartshorn                                                                            Calum Macleod  

National chair                                                                               National secretary

On behalf of the National Board, PFEW