The Government needs to end the boom and bust one-year settlements that prevent forces making strategic plans to fight crime and support communities and come up with a long-term and sustainable funding settlement instead.

Forces may be told what share of the Government’s £10 million extra cash for Taser they will receive as early as next month, the Home Office has revealed.

It’s essential police officers are given the best training, the best equipment and the support they need to do their job with access to Taser being part of that, the national Federation chair has argued in a blog posted after new Home Office figures showed use of the device is at a record high.

Magistrates, judges and prosecutors must pay attention to new Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) guidelines which should see tougher sentences given to those who attack police and other emergency service workers, says Liz Groom, chair of Cambridgeshire Police Federation.

The Federation has welcomed a package of legislation around law and order announced in the Queen’s Speech during the State Opening of Parliament on Thursday.