Pay and morale survey – make sure you have your say


PUBLISHED 28 Aug 2020

IN News

All members who have not yet filled in the annual Police Federation of England and Wales pay and morale survey are being urged to do so.

The findings of the survey are used in the Federation’s annual submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) – the independent organisation which advises the Government on officer pay.

“I know many members have already filled out this survey but I would just like to remind those who haven’t to try to find the time to do so,” says Liz Groom, chair of Cambridgeshire Police Federation.

“The more officers who respond to this survey the better since this gives us much more weight in our negotiations with both Government and locally  if we can say that the results represent the views of the majority of our members.”

The survey has been issued via the Federation’s National Member Database and will close at midnight on Friday 11 September.

Contact the Federation office if you need a link to the survey by emailing