Proud member dedicates award to the rest of his team


PUBLISHED 05 Dec 2023

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A Cambridgeshire Police Federation member who was named officer of the year has dedicated his award to the rest of his team.

PC Guy Cunningham said that he was “honoured” to win the award at Cambridgeshire Police’s annual awards ceremony.

But he admitted he felt like he had “imposter syndrome”, and that there were other officers deserving of it as well.

“I was shocked and surprised to win,” he said. “I’m really proud, and it’s a real honour to receive the award.

“I do have a little bit of imposter syndrome. So many other people have done so many amazing things in the Force, so I do wonder why I deserve this over them.”

Guy said he still doesn’t know who nominated him for the award.

“Somebody has nominated me, which I’m really thankful for,” he said. “I’m really humbled by it and honoured.

“When they read out the nominees at the awards, I was fairly nervous at that point, and you’re concentrating on the names up there and what the others have done.

“When they read out my name, I was in shock. It was a surprise. You just concentrate on getting up there without tripping over!”

Guy’s citation read: “While consistently demonstrating his commitment and passion for neighbourhood policing, Guy has an ability to build a rapport with anyone – helping to build trust and public confidence.

“Guy works in Peterborough, one of the county’s most deprived and challenging areas, and always makes tough decisions or puts himself in situations many would avoid, to do the best for his community.”

Guy, who is based at Thorpe Wood Police Station in Peterborough East, praised the team around him for their support.

“It’s not just myself, it’s a team effort,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been allowed to go after bad people, and while I may have got my name on a couple of arrests, it’s 100 per cent team effort.

“I’ve got a really good sergeant, Sarah Philips, who won the Commitment to Leadership award. 

“She’s fantastic and gives us that freedom to police effectively. She takes a lot on her shoulders and gives us that management support.

“Our inspectors, Lyndsay Mylchreest and Sam Tucker, have been really good in offering us the time and protection to go after bad people and protect the most vulnerable of people.

“We have to justify why we’re focussing our attention on specific priorities, and they’ve allowed us to go out, protect the most vulnerable and lock up bad people.

“The performance of the team is a reflection of the leadership, and we have a really good team that allows us to get those results.

“I’ve won the award but I feel it’s a team award,” he said.